Seasonal Stoles

By Sharon Albers

This is my latest project which kept me busy for a about a year.
After finishing the Cross Stoles, I made these seasonal stoles for our son. (The stoles for our daughter-in-law are being made by her mother.) There is one stole for each of the different seasons of the church year.

I have put some patterns (in diagram form) for the different designs on the site now, just click on the appropriate link. All were made with knit-cro-sheen thread with a metalic strand.

Each stole is of a different color, repersenting the color of that part of the church year. Each stole has a tatted pattern specifically designed to show the significance of that part of the church year.

The red stole is worn during Pentecost and has the design of a dove and flames. Click here for pattern.

The green stole is worn on the Sundays after Epiphany and the Sundays after Pentecost. The design on this stole shows the grape vine and wheat stalks. Click here for pattern.

The blue stole is worn during Advent and has a design of the Christmas Star. Click here for pattern.

The purple stole is worn during Lent. The design is the paschal lamb and cross. Click here for pattern.

The white stole is worn on principal festival days such as Christmas, Baptism of our Lord, Transfiguration, Easter, and Christ the King. The pattern for the big cross is the one for the cross bookmark elsewhere in this site. The patten for the butterflies is the one from the butterflies and flowers bookmark. The small crosses are from the "Learn to Tat Book No. 240" by Coats & Clark (c)1974. Since it is copyrighted, I will not print it here.