By Sharon Albers 2004
Please do not sell or publish this pattern.

For the piece in the picture, I used Knit-Cro-Sheen. You can use any thread you like, size will be affected accordingly.

This edging uses the single shuttle chain method, which can be found described in more detail on You can also see a similar method at this site:, which is for the split ring. Work similar to the instructions beginning step 3 and on, holding the "daisy" in the thumb and forefinger, and wrapping the ball thread and previously completed work around and between the other fingers.

I have not determined how to do it yet with a needle, but will work on that. I suspect one will need to make the daisy with the needle thread and possibly lay the bare thread against the needle and work the stitches over it. If you know - or figure it out, email me.

R 4-4-4-4 RW
CH 1---1---1---1---1---1---1 RW
R 4+(to last P on prev. ring) 4-4-4 RW
For the daisy, begin by leaving a random length of thread between 1 and 2 inches long.
R 1---1---1---1---1---1---1---1---1---1---1 (there will be 10 long picots in the flower)
Working your way back down the thread to the base, wrap the bare thread with the shuttle thread using single shuttle chain method (similar to the second half of a split ring).
Holding "daisy" up and left, and "grass" up, continue on with-

CH 1---1---1---1---1---1---1 RW
R 4+(to last P on prev. ring) 4-4-4 RW

Repeat Chain and Ring two more times, for a total of 3 chains and 3 rings.
Repeat from *** to *** for length desired.