R = Ring
CH = Chain
RW = Reverse Work
P = Picot
DS = Double Stitch
or . = Close Ring or Pull chain tight
- = Picot
-- = Long Picot
--- = Very Long Picot
+ = Join as directed in ( )
Any Number = Number of DS to work

For example:
R 4-4-4-4

Means - make a Ring of 4 double stitches, 3 picots separated by 4 double stitches, ending with 4 double stitches. Pull ring tight.


Most of these patterns have been made using knit-cro-sheen. You can use any size thread you wish. Realize that the different size thread will result in different sized projects.

These patterns should work as well with needle tatting as with shuttle tatting. If needle tatting, the "" or "." symbols will mean to pull the needle through and complete the ring or chain.

Most of these projects can be made with one shuttle and one ball thread. You can wind the ball thread on a second shuttle if you wish, but this is not necessary, unless the pattern specifically states otherwise. Note - if the pattern uses split-rings, you will need to wind a second shuttle with the ball thread.

Most of these projects are excellent for beginners, as they are relatively short and do not contain a great deal of complicated stitches.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Happy tatting.