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The Wonderful World of Tatting

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy my offerings.

In answer to a special request, I have put some photos with the tiny basket pattern to show the steps to tatting these baskets. I have also rewritten the tiny baskets pattern hopefully to be more clear. No real changes though. Take a look and let me know if it has helped.

I have also added more pictures of the tatting tote, to show a little better how the end of the handle is attached. I have heard of several different uses for this tote from viewers. It is great!! Enjoy and use your imagination!!

I do plan on adding more patterns occasionally, however, it has been more occasional than I had hoped. I have a couple of new patterns, but I just need time to write them up and put them on.

My project Pride-And-Joy -- I have designed a set of stoles for my son (he is a minister). I have put some of the patterns on for you to use!! I haven't written out directions in a nice, neat form, but just have diagrams. It's a start, if you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to answer them. Good luck.

I welcome your patterns which I will display for the enjoyment of all.
If you would like your pattern displayed, or to have your tatting site added to my links area, please e-mail me.
Thank you for all your kind comments, I would like to continue to hear from you, so if you have any comments, please sign my guest book or e-mail me.

Sharon's Tatting Patterns
Abreviation Key and Notes
Flowers & Butterflies Bookmark Star Spangled Doily
All Rings Doily Cross Bookmark
Tiny Basket Little Fishies
Tatting Tote 3-Leaf Clover Edging
Field Of Daisies Small Beaded Crosses
Cross Stoles (no patterns yet) Seasonal Stoles (some diagram patterns)

Photo Gallery
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Please send photos of your work, we would love to show them!

Pencil Case By Sandra Gavioli
Pencil Case By Sandra Gavioli

Egg Decoration By Sandra Gavioli
Egg Decoration By Sandra Gavioli